Voicemaker has introduced all new Pronunciation editor using which you can have custom pronunciations for the words.

Please refer the below steps to use the Pronunciation editor

Step 1 : Click on the 'headphone' icon located on the top of the editor and a new pop up window will appear.

Step 2 : In the pop up window you will have the option to enter the original word and the replacement for the word.

In the 'Original' text box, enter the word whose pronunciation you want to change. In the 'Replace with' text box, type the new spelling for the word. You can also use the play button to listen the pronunciation as well. Then, choose the language for which you want to modify the pronunciation and click on 'Add'.

For example, in the image below, you can observe how to adjust the pronunciation for the word "palette".

All Done! Once the pronunciation is added in the editor all the instances of the word with the spelling 'palette' would be spelled as 'paaleete' in the selected language.